Transfer Symposium 2018

Building Community College Partnerships for Transfer Student Success

Coming Spring 2018. Details to come soon...

2016 Participant Comments

This was one of the most beneficial opportunities I've had in a long time to make connections with other professionals where the results are intended to benefit students. This experience was fascinating and I look forward to the benefits that are sure to be seen across each campus.

Being on campus at CCCTI helped me have a better understanding of where our students are coming from as well as the differences between their experience at CCCTI & what their experiences might be on campus with us.

It was a very good first visit and experience to one of our partner schools. It really sparked some new ideas in my mind about how we can do things better here at ASU to help the ECHS applicants and experiences of transfer students. I really enjoyed the student panel.

The quotations above are from the 2016 Transfer Symposium after-event survey.